About Stinger

ABOUT: Stinger has everything a true audiophile needs to upgrade a vehicle's sound system. For almost 30 years, Stinger has been offering the best car audio accessories to dealers around the world. We pride ourselves on premium interconnects, wiring kits, superior power support, sound damping material, high performance batteries and other components that take custom audio builds to the next level.

Stinger sets the bar for badass sound performance and is the go-to brand for car audio enthusiasts, competitors, and car tuners across the globe. Whether you are showing off your car at local meetups, competing at large shows, or just making your girl smile with her favorite tunes, Stinger brings you quality sound, no matter where the road takes you.


WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: Visualize your audio system—amps, subs, and speakers—as a body. Stinger accessories are the veins, arteries, and the heart of your system. Our wires, amp kits, and power support accessories deliver high quality and pure sound to your system. The high performance batteries are the heart—pumping power to the veins and arteries while giving your system the extra boost it needs. We’ve realized the need for high quality audio accessories to help your system achieve the pure sound you desire.

Sound systems always get all the hype—you have a sleek Phoenix Gold amplifier, crisp clear component speakers, and a sub or two—but your system won’t have the output you want without premium audio accessories. Insert: Stinger. Stinger enables you to DISCOVER PURE SOUND using our premium car audio accessories.

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BEING A PART OF THE AAMP FAMILY OF BRANDS: Stinger is a Power Brand of AAMP Global. Established in 1987, owned by Audax Private Equity, and headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, AAMP Global restlessly pursues innovative ways to enhance what moves you. Global manufacturer of mobile aftermarket technology; developing vehicle safety solutions under EchoMaster, smartphone connectivity under iSimple, rear seat entertainment and navigation under Rosen, high power audio enhancement under Stinger and Phoenix Gold, and radio replacement while retaining factory features and functionality under Autoleads and PAC. AAMP enables you to define your drive, one vehicle at a time, anywhere in the world.