1700 Amp SPP Series Dry Cell Battery


1700 Amp SPP Series Dry Cell Battery



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3150 Watts, 1700A Car Audio Battery

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Greater amounts of power available on demand for your audio system. 

  •  Freedom to mount in any position without acid leakage.
  •  No terminal corrosion.
  •  Extremely fast recharge capability.
  •  More power per pound than any other battery. 
  • 3 Year Full Replacement Warranty


  • SPP1700 includes removable brass battery posts for installation flexibility.
  • 12v Dry Cell Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery (AGM)
  • SPP Series Batteries are good for over 400 full discharge cycles.
  • Internal resistance: <3.5 mOhms = Ability to quickly deliver power. The lower the number the faster the delivery.
  • 20 hour rate: 3.50A/70Ah
  • 5 hour rate: 11.9A/59.5Ah
  • 1/2 hour rate:87.5A/43.75Ah
  • 5 Second Cranking Amps: 1700A
  • CCA: 1050A
  • Watts: 3150
  • Peak Discharge: >3300 A


  • (7.05”H x 6.57”W x 13.82”L)
  • (179mm H x 167mm W x 351mm L)
  • Weight: 54.67./ 24.8kg
SPP1700 Manual
SPP1700 Manual_en
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