950 AMP SPP Series Dry Cell Battery


950 AMP SPP Series Dry Cell Battery



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1850 Watt, 950A Car Audio Battery


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The Stinger SPP950 is a addition to the industry-leading line of SPP batteries. Replacing the SPP925 with an improved AGM design that features higher performance, an increase in output power, and sporting a brand look, the SPP950 will be in high demand for systems that need a rock steady power plant. 

Stinger batteries are the heart of your sound system. They provide the quality and performance needed to run the kind of powerful system any car audio enthusiast would love.


  • Watts: 1900+
  • CCA: 410A
  • Peak Discharge: 2500+ Amps
  • 5 Second Cranking Amps: 950A
  • Internal Resistance: <5.0 mOhms = Ability to quickly deliver power. The lower the number the faster the delivery.
  • 28Ah Reserve Capacity
  • Extremely Low self-discharge, can hold a charge for up to 1 year if charged to 100% prior to storage.
  • Removable High Current Brass Alloy Battery Terminals
  • Able to be mounted in any position (except inverted)
  • 3 Year Full Replacement Warranty
  • Works with aftermarket PC925 brackets


  • (4.92”H x 6.93”W x 6.50”L)
    (125.5mmH x 176mmW x 165mmL)
  • Weight: 23.59lbs / 1.7kg