Toslink Interconnect 6ft Fiberoptic Cable


Toslink Interconnect 6ft Fiberoptic Cable



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The purest way to send or receive sound using your device's optical input.
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Optical cables, unlike typical RCA cables, result in a 100% noise free car audio system.

Stinger’s Optical Interconnects are designed specifically for today's ultra high-performance car audio products. X1 optical cables deliver pure audio accuracy. Constructed from a medical-grade, light conductive core and insulated by a non-reflective black PVC dielectric jacket, the X1 optical cables eliminate noise, reduce jitter, and improve your sonic resolution.

Continuous Connection Construction (C3 Tech®) provides unmatched signal transfer from no breaks in the signal chain from connector to connector

Quad-Lock® Precision Connector to resist vibration and preserve connection integrity

Ultra Pure Fiber® Optical Cable is triple polished for maximum light transfer reduced data errors for the purest sound

Benefits of Stinger X Optical Cables:

  • Extended frequency response above and beyond the capability of RCA cables
  • Supports multi-channel audio (5.1, 7.1 DTS, Dolby Digital)
  • Perfect flexibility for tight audio installations
  • High performance optical signal transfer for ultra precise digital audio
  • Medical-grade fiber optic core for detailed digital audio transmission
  • Stinger Toslink- connector ensures critical connection integrity
  • Totally immune from noise interference
  • Durable automotive-grade outer jacket for years of worry free on-road performance
  • Perfect for Toslink connections for sending audio from a PAC AmpPro or receiving audio to a DSP


6ft / 1.8m

Box dims: 8.5" x 6" x 1"

UPC 609098825542