X3 Series 2 Channel Interconnect 17Ft


X3 Series 2 Channel Interconnect 17Ft



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Stinger X
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Available now, Stinger X-Interconnects in 3 levels of audiophile grade performance. X1 features Directional Twisted-Pair models in 2/4/6 channel configurations as well as Video, and Toslink options. X2 includes 2/4 and 6ch Directional, Shielded, Twisted-Pair models. Rounding out the series, the top of the line X3 in 2 and 4ch models boasts Silver-Plated Conductors, Locking-Ends, Double Twisted-Pair, Directional Construction. 

X3 Features:

C3 Tech: Continuous Connection Construction (C3 Tech) provides unmatched signal transfer.

Lock Tip RCA Interconnectors: Lock Tip’s rotational locking end with Quad-Clamp-Precision 4-cut RCA provides the ultimate in locking and clamping force with unsurpassed connection integrity. 

ID Interference Defense: I.D. Interference Defense doubles the shielding efforts by combining two layers of EMI rejecting Mylar foil and radiated noise absorbing copper mesh, eliminating unwanted noise and interference.

Dynamic Signal Flow: Dynamic Signal Flow uses finely stranded silver-plated, pure OFC copper to optimize signal vs. frequency interaction for a dynamic listening experience.

Noise Shield Directional Construction: Noise shield directional construction uses 3 tightly twisted conductor bundles (+, -, signal drain) per channel to create a directional noise cancelling architecture.

Body Armor: Body Armor Protection utilizes high strength nylon fibers that are woven tightly around the ultra flexible PVC cable integrity when contending with sharp metal, vibration, and moisture.