Q: Which car audio trend are you looking most forward to in 2018?

A: Well, aside from the steady stream of new products and components Stinger creates, we’re really excited about the continued shift from MP3 to MPEG-H and ACC music file formats. Many popular streaming services, like Spotify and TuneIn, have already moved away from MP3s for the richer, higher fidelity sounds of MPEG-H, so it’s only a matter of time before other follow suit. It will only help enhance the power and clarity of any professionally installed, custom sound system. –John Catalano

Q: My mom is a big music person, and wants to upgrade her system, but she pushes a minivan. Are there any car audio options for her? 

A: First off, shouts out to mom for wanting to get the most out of her system. Second, yes, there are a bunch of audio options available. Minivans are a great canvas to work with because they have the capacity to hold more components than a standard sedan, but because there’s more room, you have to treat the inside of the van almost like a concert hall, being mindful of how sound make bounce around and resonate throughout the cabin.

I recommend adding full-range speakers to the mix, a great power supply and high-end wiring and an amp/subwoofer package that will give you a deeper range of basses. Top it all off with a sturdy digital sound processor that can keep tabs on the fidelity of the new sound system, and you should be good to go.

Just don’t be surprised when your mom becomes the popular one at the soccer games. –John Catalano

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