Both Summer and Winter Take a Toll on Your Car’s Battery

If you’re feeling the harsh heat of summer, your car is feeling it, too. And what do you think happens when evaporation from hood heat leads to the water level in your car battery to decrease over time? Your car battery ends up with internal damage which causes it to fail before it reaches the end of its lifespan.

While it’s true that the winter cold takes its toll on your car battery, it turns out that the summer heat is to blame, too. You should also remember that your battery works extra hard over the summer as it fuels your stereo and AC. So, if you make an effort to protect your car battery from the cold, you should also protect it from the heat. 

Here are five ways to summer-proof your car’s battery and ensure that it doesn’t fail on you too soon:

Inspect for Winter Damage

You certainly don’t want to walk into summer with a battery that has been beaten up by the past winter. To make sure your car is ready for that epic summer road trip, ensure the battery brackets are secure. Tighten any loose cables that could inevitably damage other components and shorten your battery’s lifespan.

Find Some Shade

Because your car battery dies in heat, you’ll want to stay far from it. If you can’t park your vehicle in a garage, find a cool, shaded spot under a tree. You may want to invest in a portable garage or car canopy that serves as a shelter from bad weather.

Monitor Water Levels

Most batteries today are maintenance-free and sealed. However, if your car battery is the type that needs fluid top ups, monitor for excessive evaporation and add distilled water as necessary.

Avoid Battery Drain

The heat is already causing your battery to struggle, and the last thing you want to do is make it work even harder. That’s what happens when you’ve got all your electricity-dependent devices all running at the same time. To lessen wear and tear on your battery power, use things like your navigation system, phone charger, AC and stereo only when the vehicle is running if possible. If you do run the battery down, make sure you charge it with at charger ASAP and bring it back to 100%, driving home is not going to cut it. USE A CHARGER!

Clean It Regularly

Prevent buildup with regular maintenance. Grime that’s accumulated around your battery can serve as insulators, trapping heat and making your battery hotter than it should be. Avoid this by wiping down any grease and dirt with a rag or paper towel regularly. With Stinger Electronics batteries, expect no terminal corrosion and rapid recharge capability due to the advanced sealed design and no outgassing. 

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