KyleGolden.jpgApril Install of the Month Winner MD Miramontez is our guest today, giving us the inside scoop on his sleek Denali build.

In the early 90's, MD Miramontez was an avid car audio competitor. His love for Phoenix Gold started in 1992 when he purchased his first three PG amplifiers--one MPS2500 and two MPS2240s. He later grew his collection by adding two MS275s and another MPS2500. In his words, he has "never wanted another amplifier other than Phoenix Gold since then." By the late 90s, MD walked away from car audio altogether, but his love for music and quality sound never subsided. When he got the itch to start this build last year, the first thing that came to his mind was Phoenix Gold. These days you can find MD driving around and jamming out to alternative music--after all, "loud and clear is how I like it!" he says. 

Vehicle: 2014 GMC Sierra Denali – 6.2L L86

Build by: MD Miramontez and Kyle Golden

Inspiration: "The build started out as just a speaker/sub and amp upgrade last August. By pure chance, I came across Kyle Golden’s A-Pillar build for his 2014 Silverado and had to have them. I contacted him and made a deal for him to build me a set of A-Pillars. When they were done, I drove over to Illinois where he is located (I live in Kansas) and we installed them. From there it just got to be a bigger and bigger build. I designed a system in 3D modeling software and sent it to him where he tweaked the build in order to accomplish the vinyl wrapping and structural integrity. As he was working on the fabrication, I worked on wiring and wire/cable management including a distribution panel which is located behind the rear seats. Doors panels were completed last month, and we are in tuning stages as of now. The colors used were red for GMC, Blue for Phoenix Gold, and white backlighting for the elite amplifiers in order to accent them while being enclosed in the air-cooled amplifier rack."



Phoenix Gold Elite.4 Amplifier

Phoenix Gold Elite.5 Amplifier

Phoenix Gold Elite2.12D2 Subwoofer

Phoenix Gold RMD Remote Mountable Amplifier Voltage Display

Phoenix Gold DD10 Power Distribution

Phoenix Gold ZBB-342 Fuse Distribution Block with Diagnostics Plug

Phoenix Gold ZRDT-3 Diagnostics LED for ZBB-342

Phoenix Gold TDB-34 Ground Distribution Block

Phoenix Gold M-21230PB Speaker Cable 12gauge (All Speaker Cable)

Stinger Roadkill Sound Damping Material- Expert Series 

All Other Cable/Wire used is Stinger Pro including a SGP-32 Isolator (200-Amp)