Hit the Waters with a Top-Notch Marine Sound System

Summer means the perfect weather for loading your boat into the water to enjoy the sunshine. And if you want to have the most fun on your boat, you shouldn’t overlook its sound system. Whether you are cruising around the lake or stopping to relax and watch the sunset, a good sound system will cover the perfect soundtrack for all your summer fun.

To give your boat’s sound system a boost, you should outfit it with the best marine audio equipment that is splash resistant. Here’s what you need:

Source Unit

It starts by assessing what your current source unit or radio capabilities are. Some boats will have a primary sound system composed of a radio and couple of speakers. Does your current system allow you to stream music from your smartphone or is it a basic marine stereo just an AM/FM tuner? Does it have satellite radio? Or is it a modern system with USB ports and aux inputs? The source unit will determine how to play your music.


Speakers are critical to your marine sound system, making them the one thing you shouldn’t be stingy about. Remember that your speakers need to be waterproof, like Stinger’s marine speakers, which battle the harshest elements and have splash-resistant sealed motors. The sun and the elements will destroy speaker designed for a car in a matter of months if not weeks. Don’t waste money on something that isn’t designed for the marine environment.

Subwoofers and Amplifiers

 If you want to play your music at higher volumes without straining the equipment, you need to add marine amplifiers that give music that low-end bass and increase volume needed to overcome engine, wind and wave noise. When you want more power, you need an amplifier that’s bigger and better than your boat receiver’s built-in amp.


Chances are you get your music via Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody or your collection of downloaded digital music. To be able to stream music on your boat stereo, you need your boat to be Bluetooth ready. You can upgrade to a source unit that has cool features like Bluetooth audio streaming.


Investing in marine speakers also mean making sure you get the power they need to perform their best. Find out their top RMS rating and calculate the minimum and maximum power your speakers require. 

The amount of amp wattage your marine audio system needs also depends on the size of your boat. There’s also the question of how loud you like your music. For example, if you have a big vessel, you’ll probably need an amp that offers 75 watts RMS per channel while your new speakers should have an RMS rating of 50 watts RMS or more. 

Wiring is also important to consider, and especially in marine where there are ABCY compliance needed for type, gauge and color-coding when used on a boat. Stinger marine wiring is ABCY compliant and is the first to allow both power and ground in a single cable for easier installation.

A Pro

Unless you understand the equipment and are highly experienced with wires, cables, and electronics, it's best you find a professional who specializes in marine aftermarket sound system installations.

Stinger has everything the true audiophile needs, including ones who want to take their boat’s sound system to the next level. From marine speakers to wiring kits to amplifiers to marine circuit breakers, Stinger has everything you need to upgrade your boat’s sound system.