Stinger RoadKill UltimateWe've launched our new line of noise and vibration damping material: RoadKill Ultimate. The two skus, RKU8 and RKU36, combine the benefits of Stinger’s line of Expert aluminum/butyl material and Overkill acoustic foam.

Improving the performance of high power audio installs, the combination of these two products will more than double noise cancelling results than when used on their own. John Catalano, product manager explains, “The creation of RoadKill Ultimate came from extensive field research—we met with the best audio installers in the country, observed them, and their installs. We learned that there was a great opportunity in our line to develop a product that not only takes noise damping to the next level, but also allows for speedier installations since we’re combining two different materials into one application.”

With the RKU8 and RKU36, we've removed a step that many audio installers are currently taking—applying two different materials on top of each other for added insulation and noise deadening. Not only are audio builds sounding better, but they’re also being completed more efficiently with outstanding audio definition. RoadKill Ultimate is the best solution to reduce a massive amount of unwanted resonating noise including but not limited to: panel vibrations, road noise, exhaust, engine noise & vibration—all of which degrade audio quality. Having a build designed and installed with RoadKill Ultimate allows the audio system to sound even louder and with more clarity and definition.