SPX925_PowerSportEDIT02F_1.pngKiller sound systems aren’t just for automobiles anymore...

We’ve raised the bar in Harley-Davidson aftermarket audio upgrades, allowing riders to cruise with bigger, better, and more powerful sound. Your adventures will no longer lack crisp, clear beats...taking your motorcycle to the next level.

Designed specifically for your Harley-Davidson, the SPX925-HD replacement battery gives your hog the power it craves.

  • Advanced Absorbed Glass Mat technology for longer life, more power & greater reliability
  • Direct replacement for easy installation
  • Ultra low ESR allows easier charging and power retention
  • High density construction, more power in the same space
  • Brass alloy posts for higher current transfer & corrosion resistance
  • Pure lead plates keep the battery charged for longer periods of time
  • Thin plates allow more power on demand for easier starting, powering multiple accessories
  • Dimensions: 5” H x 6.562” W x 6.875” 
  • 3 year full replacement warranty
  • CCA: 410A 

Replaces these Harley batteries: