RKFR5%20combined.jpgWe've partnered with Fast Rings to exclusively sell their highly-acclaimed line of speaker enhancement kits under our RoadKill brand. The four new RoadKill Fast Rings SKUs, RKFR5, RKFR6, RKFR5768, and RKFR69, provide 3 patented laser-cut rings that include strong adhesive backing for easy installation and stay-in-place fit, while improving the performance of any aftermarket speaker installation.

“We are excited to partner with the Stinger team to offer Fast Rings under the RoadKill brand. This partnership will expand Fast Rings to Stinger dealers worldwide, allowing our patented Fast Rings to be paired with the exceptional RoadKill sound damping products,” explains Ben Larson, owner and inventor of Fast Rings Inc. “The Stinger brand has been at the top of the audio industry for decades, and the strength, value, and quality the name carries will take Fast Rings to the next level.”
The 3-piece foam ring speaker enhancement system solves the problem of acoustically coupling aftermarket speakers to factory speaker openings. The inner most ring provides the first line of defense against rogue sound waves on the back side of the vehicle’s door panel, while also preventing unwanted cancellation. The middle ring, also known as the gasket, is placed around the outside ring of the speaker to provide a direct channel thru the vehicle’s factory speaker openings and limits turbulent sound waves. Finally, the outer ring, the spacer, creates a bond between the inner door skin and the vehicle’s speaker, ensuring an airtight seal. Together, the 3 pieces of the RoadKill Fast Rings kit increases speaker output, improves the projection of the audio into the car cabin and reduces unwanted rear reflections that can degrade the sound.

  • Reduce panel vibration 
  • Increase mid-bass response 
  • Enhanced audio output efficiency 
  • Minimize destructive wave interference 
  • Help prevent front and rear wave cancellation 
  • Easy installation with peel & stick application 
  • Maximize performance for speaker installations 
RKFR5 fits 5” & 5.25” Speakers
RKFR6 fits 6” & 6.5” Speakers
RKFR5768 fits 5x7” & 6x8” Speakers
RKFR69 fits 6x9” Speakers

All SKUs are now available with a suggested retail price of $24.99.

For more info, check out our Introduction video and Installation video.