PAC’s AmpPRO integration line makes it easier than ever to add an amplified sound system to vehicles whose factory audio equipment simply doesn’t impress. With the new AmpPRO line of aftermarket amplifier interfaces, the original factory appearance of the vehicle’s radio and sound system is retained, including factory audio controls and other necessary features. This allows car owners to expand and enhance their car’s audio capabilities without compromising interior aesthetics.

Designed to simplify and save time installing amplifiers, AmpPRO provides seamless integration by easily installing its module and harness between the vehicle’s head unit and Phoenix Gold amplifier – resulting in a drastically enhanced audio experience. Because the module intercepts directly from the factory radio, it produces a pure, smooth audio signal, then it intercepts the data commands to make the signal variable, improving sound quality and clarity. Together, Phoenix Gold amplifiers and PAC's AmpPRO work effortlessly to create optimal sound systems.


Timely Professional Installation

Unlike many integration solutions, the AmpPRO doesn’t require complex installation techniques. For professional installers, it’s a simple and quick way to integrate a new Phoenix Gold amplifier. The AmpPRO connects to the factory radio utilizing a fool-proof plug-and-play harness.

 Compatibility & Availability

Several variations of the AmpPRO are available, although compatibility will depend on the make and model of the vehicle getting the Phoenix Gold upgrade. Currently, there are AmpPROs available for a variety of Ford, Lincoln, Chrysler, Dodge, RAM, and Jeep models.


AmpPRO is available nationwide from trusted PAC retailers.