It's common knowledge that sound damping optimizes the performance of you high performance car audio installation, improving overall audio frequency response and bass output, and eliminating panel resonance, road noise and other annoying squeaks and rattles. But RoadKill sound damping has unexpected benefits beyond audio. People who work out of their car know what a pain it can be to constantly have to take calls and meetings from the road. You call in and the road noise diminishes the overall audio of your hands-free calls. Sometimes making it nearly impossible to be heard, or for you to hear the people on the other end. Installing sound damping throughout your vehicle can quiet the unwanted noise, making it seem like you are taking those calls from a quiet office. Not only can sound damping help with phone calls, but it can stabilizes the interior temperature of your car with temperature insulation and heat rejection. Making your AC more efficient, and keeping the interior of your vehicle comfortable in the blazing summer or frigid winter.

Whether you are looking for a mobile office that makes it easier for you to get your work done, or just a more comfortable commute, Stinger RoadKill can help make that happen, visit an authorized Stinger dealer and get started.