SKU: SSB2000


Perfect for adding the extra reserve power need for increased system performance. Compact in size, but not in power. Sealed AGM power compact in size, but not in power. Fits almost anywhere and in any position.

  • 2000 Watts
  • Peak Current: 600A
  • Reserve Capacity: 65 minutes 33Ah
  • Cyclic Charge Voltage: 14.4V - 14.8V @ 25°C
  • Float Charge Voltage: 13.5V - 13.8V @ 25°C
  • Terminal Torque: 6.8 Nm max (60 in-lb)
  • Weight: 10.86 kg (23.95 lb)
  • 7.72”W x 5.16”D x 6.10”H

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