We're keeping it real...and calling out the fakes. 

Buying Stinger products means you take audio seriously--you know Stinger stands for high performance audio accessories and you understand the benefits of our quality products. We strive to make sure Stinger products are upheld to a standard of excellence and quality unmatched in the industry.

We are aware of counterfeit products in the marketplace and we are committed to ensuring the products you purchase are made by Stinger. Fake products don’t live up to Stinger standards and can cause great damage the vehicle. Soon you’ll have to start repairs, that of course will be costly, and then you’ve spent more money on top of losing time on your build. 

Before you buy: 

  • Be sure that the packaging says AAMP Global or AAMP of America, Clearwater FL. 
  • If there are spelling mistakes, damaged packaging, or mixed messaging, that's suspicious.
  • Does the part number match what's on our website? If it doesn't, it's probably a fake. 
  • Are you getting a super duper discount? It might just be too good to be true. 

Authorized Retailers:

To ensure you're purchasing authentic Stinger products, shop at a dealer or distributor near you by using our Where to Buy feature.

Examples of Phonies

Have you spotted a fake?

Report counterfeit product to stingermarketing@aampglobal.com. We stand by the quality of our Stinger products and greatly appreciate your help in protecting our trusted brand.