A Car Battery’s Lifespan Comes Down to Regular Maintenance

Every car battery has a lifespan. The typical car battery will last about 2 to 5 years; however, some people find themselves changing their car batteries much sooner than that. While car batteries do have a fixed calendar life, there are ways for you to prevent them from dying earlier than they should. Here are 8 tips on how to extend the life of your car battery:

Limit Short Rides

Short car trips prohibit your car battery from fully charging. Driving your vehicle more frequently and for longer periods will help retain your car battery power. It takes and average of 20 minutes of driving to recover the energy from starting a vehicle.

Ensure Your Battery Is Firmly Fastened

Make sure the car battery is always fastened securely. This helps prevent it from vibrating which can cause short circuits and internal damage. Remind yourself to check it regularly. Or upgrade to an AGM style battery like Stinger Power Series, which is vibration resistant.

Avoid Using Too Many Accessories While Idling

The battery is designed to supply power to start the vehicle. Turning on electronics such as your radio, lights, and other electronics while idling adds additional pressure to the battery especially if you have added additional electronics and they exceed the output of the alternator at idle which is typically only 30% of its output capability.

Monitor Your Car Battery’s Health with a Volt Meter

Monitor system voltage with the Stinger digital battery terminal volt meter or plug n play 12v socket adapter to check the health of your battery. A healthy battery should have a voltage of around 12.7 volts or above. Recharge your battery if the numbers drop below the ideal voltage.

Don’t Leave Your Vehicle Unused for Long Periods

Standard Wet Cell Lead-acid batteries will naturally lose charge over time. This is referred to as self-discharge. If your car sits unused in the driveway or garage for more than a week, connect a smart charger that will help decrease the risk of self-discharge. Make sure it is set to the correct battery type, Wet, Gel, AGM. Do not use and old style trickle charger. If you’re planning on going away for a long time, a smart charger or maintainer is a must, at the very least; disconnect make sure the battery is charged then disconnect the negative terminal to reduce the changes of parasitic drain.

Protect Your Car Battery from Extreme Temperature Changes

Extreme changes in temperature due to the weather can affect the health of your car battery. Protect your battery with insulation kits that will keep it warm during the cold winter months. Stinger’s AGM batteries are not only less susceptible to temperature variables because of the extreme internal density, but they also include a metal case to insulate them from temperature variables.

Check Your Car Battery Water Levels

If you have a new wet cell car battery, check the water level once or twice every three months. If your battery is older than 1.5 years, check it once a week. Excessive heat can cause low water (electrolyte) levels. Inspect your car battery water levels particularly during hot summer months to ensure they are at the right levels. When refilling the battery, only use distilled water. Tap water contains ions that can significantly reduce your vehicle’s battery lifespan. Avoid this all together with a completed sealed and maintenance free AGM battery from Stinger.

Routine Checkups

Part of the maintenance of a car is making sure you have clean connectors and terminals. Over time, corrosion will damage the connection between the car and battery. By getting regular check ups, you can prevent build up. Applying alkaline or acidic agents can help dissolve corrosion.  Stinger provides ring terminals made with corrosion-resistant shock-krome plating to help your car batteries last longer. Stinger’s AGM batteries are also resistant from corrosion because they are completely sealed. The sealed constructions keeps the corrosive elements from evaporating and adhering to the battery terminals; unlike that of wet and gel cell batteries.

If your electrical system is underpowered, it could be time to upgrade to a high performance battery for audiophiles.

For more even more accessories to help you extend the life of your car battery, check out Stinger’s line of terminals and connectors.