Featuring a high-resolution, 10-inch capacitive touchscreen with 16.7 million colors for a full visual experience, HEIGH10® is designed to enhance screen size and infotainment features for drivers of any vehicle. The display and main tuner box offer a modular design, bolstering installation flexibility in space-limited applications––and in some cases, even where no installation dash kit is available.

HEIGH10 features Anti-Glare and Anti-Reflection technology for best outdoor visibility. Personalize your display with customizable RGB illumination to match factory illumination, or create your own.

Not waterproof. Not liquid/element resistant.

Click Here For Radio Firmware Download, Stinger UN1810 Update 04-26-21

Note: For Jeep or RAM SRK Integrated Kits, this release requires Radio Pro Advanced Firmware Version 14, visit https://pac-audio.com/firmware-updates/ for the corresponding firmware download.

Release Notes: 

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixes altitude inaccuracy when used with SRK-JW18EH.




Radio Firmware Download, Stinger UN1810 Update 02-24-21

Note: For Integrated kits, this release requires Radio Pro Advanced Firmware Version 14, visit https://pac-audio.com/firmware-updates/ for the corresponding firmware download.

Release Notes:


  • Disabled Bal/Fade when Toslink (optical out) is ON
  • Adds Pop-Up Warnings for Load Defaults, Factory and Master Reset
  • Adds Navigation access via HOME button (press and hold)


Fixed Bugs

  • No Audio from iPhone when connected via HDMI


DOWNLOAD Stinger UN1810 Firmware Update 12-01-20

Notes: Minor bug fixes.


DOWNLOAD Stinger UN1810 Firmware Update 9-27-20

Updates cover the following:

• Adds support for PAC vehicle integration.

• Adds the ability to display outside temperature on top information bar when installed with PAC integration module. 


DOWNLOAD Stinger UN1810 Firmware Update 5-1-20

Updates cover the following:

  • Updated overall user interface with modern look and feel
  • Improved user experience with easy to navigate menus
  • Added parallel parking mode (VSS mode) to front camera
  • Added Turn-Signal (blind spot) trigger override by touching display
  • Added graphical audio settings for Crossover and Factory EQ
  • Added Millisecond adjustment on Time Correction
  • Added Gain Adjustment on Crossover
  • Added EQ band level indicator (pop-up)
  • Added (6) X-Over and Time correction presets
  • Added Camera Identification Icons
  • Vehicle Integration for PAC Radio-Pro
  • Added Orange Illumination
  • Added RGB Tuning for Color Matching Illumination
  • Added new backgrounds

Important: Take note of radio presets including SiriusXM (if used) and Audio EQ and Time Alignment settings prior to making the firmware update. All previously saved adjustments made to the system will be reset to factory default after the new firmware is installed. Taking a picture of your previously adjusted settings may be helpful in setting up your system after the update.


Universal Fitment

Stinger's radio platform is designed for modular installation, meaning the display and receiver are two separate pieces. This makes it universal for any vehicle, even where space is limited or nonexistent behind the OEM radio being replaced. You can mount the display and receiver in two different locations, giving you the flexibility to install HEIGH10 in any vehicle with a standard single or double DIN dash kit.

PAC-Link compatible for vehicle specific integration.


No double DIN opening? No problem, our SE-DIN mounting kit allows you to easily install your new multimedia receiver using a single DIN ISO dash kit.


HEIGH10 comes jam packed with all of the features you are looking to optimize your in-vehicle experience.

Your Media, Your Way

Gain total access to your smartphone's music and navigation capabilities.

  • Apple CarPlay®
  • Google Android Auto™
  • SiriusXM-Ready™ with Replay
  • Built-in MicroSD card slot for (optional) iGO Navigation
  • AM/FM radio with PTY
  • 2 USB rear inputs, 1.5-Amp output
  • Hands-free Bluetooth® 4.2
  • A2DP with aptX™ (for hands-free calling and music streaming)

Audiophile Approved Sound

HEIGH10’s sonic capabilities allow for a versatile and more detailed sound experience.

  • High-power 4 x 50w peak built-in amplifier
  • 4V, 6ch RCA audio outputs with subwoofer control
  • Toslink (optical) audio output
  • 15-band adjustable graphic EQ with 6 user presets
  • Adjustable Hi-Pass Front/Rear and Lo-Pass subwoofer crossover with 6 user presets
  • Time alignment with 6 user presets

A Safer Ride

In a world where road accidents are commonplace, HEIGH10 can help reduce risk, increase safety and protect your precious cargo.

4 camera inputs, selectable via camera mode display, turn signal for blind spot viewing or simply by adding a rocker switch for trailer or tow viewing.

Rear camera audio input enables the driver to hear sound from an optional RV camera microphone.


Optional Integrated Navigation

Optional on-board iGo navigation enhances your ELEV8 or HEIGH10’s driving experience by placing 1000’s of built-in waypoints as well as landscape data at your fingertips. Detailed landmarks, lane guidance & complex road junctions are made easy to navigate from the intuitive easy to use touch panel control.

No phone reception required!

With iGo onboard navigation, you don’t have to rely on your phone for navigation. Out of cell range? No phone data? No problem, the on-board map database doesn’t require a data connection, so whether you are high in the mountains or out in the open desert you can be confident your route guidance is safe and accurate.



Both ELEV8 & HEIGH10 are engineered with a modular design. This makes it a truly universal, and versatile infotainment option. The display and receiver can be mounted separate from each other. Giving you the ability to go big with your screen, even when space behind the OEM radio you are replacing is limited.


Learn how to install your HEIGH10 radio in your vehicle.

HEIGH10® Accessories

SE-HFDK Custom Install Bucket for UN1810/HEIGH10